Residents destroyed army man’s property over murder

Angry residents have destroyed an army man’s property pinning him for killing their fellow resident’s child.

Residents of Wairaka village in Jinja district decided to destroy Mej.Majidu Nyende’s house, and food crops after he fenced his plot with electronic barbed wires that caused a young boy of 7 years old dead.

The little boy Tendo Davis accidentally slipped and fell onto the barbed wire and die instantly.

Police were forced to fire tear gas to disperse residents who had decided to demolish all Nyende’s property because he did this as if he was out of his senses.

Isaac Kamyuka Wairaka village defence said that residents are very bitter because the army man was careless about people’s lives because he knew that his plot was near the way and it could cause danger so he could not heartlessly put electricity.

He also blamed UMEME for accepting to connect barbed wires yet they have the experience of its dangers.

We have tried to look for Mej. Majidu so that he can say something about his action but his relatives informed that he was away to Nirobi.

James Wamunyerere jinja police commander confirmed the death of Tendo Davis and the body was transported to Jinja mortuary.

May his soul rest in eternal peace…