Headteacher expelled , chased away from village over defiling children.

According to police report Defilement remains among top criminal cases in the country where by in  2017  14,985 defilement cases were reported.

However, only 4,651, were taken to court leading to the conviction of 609 suspects.

20 suspects were acquitted, 318 cases dismissed while 3,704 cases are still pending in court.

Parliament has also probe into sexual harassment in schools but all these measures have not stopped defilers especially in school where by residents of Kirugaruga village in Kakiri Sub County in Wakiso District have also expelled the head of St Charles  Lwanga Kirugaruga Primary School over defilement claims.

Justus Mweru Masaaba was also expelled from their village after several residents accused him of defiling a number of girls in his school and the community.

According to Namayoga, Masaaba seduced her daughter enter his house to help him squeeze passion fruits and definitely forced her daughter into sex and she filed a case at Kakiri Police Station that led to Masaaba’s arrest.

However, Masaaba was detained for few days and released under unclear circumstances.

According to parents and residents, he had returned back to school and he had started giving orders as if he was still a head teacher that forced them to call for a general meeting which he also attended.

Masaaba left the meeting after sensing danger when the residents turned emotional.

Residents locked up the staff quarters where he has been residing and warned to harm should he return to the village.

Parents entrusted their children with this school requested Minister Rosemary Ssenninde to intervene I this matter because people like Masaaba will continue abusing children’s’ rights since police release them shortly whenever

Yusuf Ssemujju, Magogo parish councilor accused officers at Kakiri police Station for mismanaging several defilement cases.

William Mutashaba, the Wakiso Senior Education Officer, confirmed that they have received several defilement allegations against Masaaba from residents and elders forcing them to interdict him.

He also warned schools having boarding sections illegally because this school St. Charles Lwanga was not meant to have boarding section.