Bobi wine,’people power’ slogan with red color just symbols unite all opposition-MP Nambooze.

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke has said that Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine is not competing Opposition lynchpin retired Cal. DR. Kiiza Besigye to overpower the ruling party president Yoweri Museveni as many have been claiming him to be.

Nambooze said Bobi Wine has only energized  Opposition and that he and Besigye are constantly in touch as they work together to challenge NRM.

“Has Kizza Besigye ever been a competitor Hon. Kyagulanyi? We have been set up as opposition. Have they ever competed in the same constituency? I feel energized by Hon. Kyagulanyi. I know Hon. Kyagulanyi and Kizza Besigye and I know they meet frequently. If we looking at 2021, it is not a sure year. No one knows if we shall have elections,” she said.

The legislator was appearing on NBS TV’s breakfast show on Wednesday.

She also insisted that the People Power and its red color symbol are a tool that unites the Opposition in the country and should not be seen as only left for Bobi Wine.

“Who was the first politician to be seen in Parliament putting on red? This colour came from Parliament and I was the first person to be seen in Parliament putting on red. It is our colour of unity demonstrated during the “Togikwatako” time. People Power is a phrase that shows our commitment to respect article 1 of the constitution that shows that power belongs to the people. We rather get something that unites us as opposition even if that is people power,” Nambooze said.

The MP also said that the Opposition in Uganda has managed to overshadow the ruling NRM party, leaving only Museveni, whom she said will also soon be defeated.

“The opposition against President Kaguta Museveni has gone. The party called NRM perished. That is one achievement of the opposition. We have been able to do away with NRM,” she said.

Nambooze also dismissed allegations that some opposition MPs have refused to serve in the Shadow Cabinet that has appointed by the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Betty Aol Achan.

She added: “A shadow cabinet is very important, being a shadow minister is an opportunity for any MP to serve Ugandans beyond their constituency. A shadow cabinet is supposed to be a nursery where we grow leaders for the next government. Officially, there is no one that has told us they are declining these positions in the shadow cabinet. There was a lot of consultations and those that were appointed consented to the positions.”