Armed hood men attacks residents and shoot two

Two residents of Kelinde zone in Mayuge district were reportedly injured by unidentified armed hood men that attacked their village in the night and shoot on a mission of robbery.

John Bosco Yimbazi a businessman in Mayuge and his friend Thomas Anamu were shot and Yimbazi was rushed to Buloba health four where they transferred him to St James clinic.

According to Dr.Moses Ndiwalana, they diagnosed  Yimbazi with X-Rays where they managed to remove 4 bullets from his body.

The doctor said that Yimbazi’s condition was promising

The Hospitalized patient Yimbazi narrated how his friend Thomas and he witnessed two men who were on a motorcycle with masks covered on their faces

When they tried to focus on them the armed men immediately shot them.

Yimbazi’s wife Janat Namutamba confirmed that they hurried to take her husband to the hospital but due to wounds his condition was improving slowly.

Mayuge deputy Residential District Commissioner  Majid Likusooka urged residents to be very careful about their lives especially in this X-mass season.