MP Kyagulanyi has condemned gov’t for obstructing his music business

Kyaddondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has condemned the government for obstructing his music business hence declining his income.

This followed police rejecting him stage his music show at smiling Panda Hotel in Gulu district Sunday and banned his cameramen from capturing his music show

Bobi wine said that he did everything required by police and they gave in the order paper but still police declined the show

“We did everything required and we gave in the public management act papers but police decided to stop us intentionally,” Said Bobi wine.

He vowed to sue police through the law so that he can get justice on this because the police have violated his rights of singing and earning income.

Bobi wine said all this to journalists before he entered Gulu court with other 33 with whom they were accused of treason.

Kyagulanyi said that they were not given enough time

According to the legislators, the state is deliberately delaying the investigations of the case, which they said wastage of time a waste of their time and money.

Kasiano Wadri threatened to abandon reporting to court if they continue saying that they are not through with investigations.

The duo’s frustration came after they appeared before the court for the hearing of the treason case against them only for the prosecution to call for adjournment, saying police has not furnished them with evidence in the case.  This forced presiding magistrate Isaac Imoran Kintu to adjourn the case to January 10, 2019.