M7 neither my enemy nor my threat we only disagree at politics.

Kyaddondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi wine has revealed that president Museveni is neither his enemy nor a threat to him as other people may think.

Hon.Kyagulanyi said that President Museveni and him only differentiates politics whereby one for NRM and the other for people power.

Bobi wine said this over the weekend when he had attended overnight prayers at Pastor Bugembe’s church in Nansana that was named as Worship night

He emphasized that his rejection to believe in President Museveni’s rule does not mean that he became his enemy because all belong to Uganda after all they both fight for development in the country.

Bobi wine has repeatedly opened to the world that he is ready to challenge president Museveni on his seat come 2021 general elections

However, several mature politicians have also repeatedly said that president Museveni looks at his seat challengers as his best enemy and whoever has tried to talk about his seat have not remained the same.

Bobi wine continues to emphasize Unity among opposition so that they can be able to have change.