RDC shocked to find medical workers neglect patients without bribing money.

RDC shocked to find medical workers neglect patients without bribing money.

Ssembabule residential district commissioner Matia Kintu Musoke was shocked to find Ssembabule government main hospital workers ask bribe for services

Due to the fact that he is a newly appointed RDC workers and patients at this hospital could not recognize him and this enabled him have enough time to monitor and find out how truly work is done in this hospital.

Matia said that he saw a nurse asking for bribe from a patient where some were sent to private owned clinics to buy medicine though it was available in the hospital store.

RDC Matia also found some patients lying on corrido flows without any nurse attending to them and he realized that there were no required nurses at the hospital.

RDC Matia was forced to call one of the few nurses who were at the hospital to explain why nurses were absent and she replied that they had gone to attend a certain workshop.

The nurse was also asked why they ask for bribe from patients of which she failed to explain.

Matia said that it is heartless and unfair to charge patients in order to give those services yet the government caters for everything used in government institutions especially hospitals

Patients revealed to him that they are used to pay bribe money In Ssembabule hospital because failure to do so medical workers neglect them and they surfer the consequence.

Patients also requested government to provide enough equipment used in this hospital

RDC Matia promised to tour all government institutions in Ssembabule district including, schools, hospitals among others and see how exactly government workers operate.

This came shortly after the government announced that it will resort to per an hour payments to all government workers.