Day Four: Survivor refutes police allegations, Marine, UPDF retrieve of boat wreckage still on as dead body search continues.

One of the survivors has come out to clear the air about what really happened on that day refuting all the allegations what she has termed some as lies.

A lot of words have been spreading about the capsized boat that alleged for having boarded more than 100 people and many died on 24th November 2018

Namuddu Fatia was among the revellers on the boat cruise but she survived death.

Fatia said that she feels bad about a person that told journalists that police warned them about the poor mechanical condition of the boat before they boarded that there were policemen who were bribed by the tycoons so that they can leave revellers travel.

Fatia confirmed that among the many people whom she said she cannot know the exact number since there was no counting of people before boarding the boat, there was no one knew about the bad mechanical condition the boat had because they were many and they all focused at boat cruise they were going for.

Namuddu also refuted allegations that all University ladies that boarded the boat were hired purposely to entertain tycoons on the boat.

She added that for her case she travelled with her boss Moses Muyanga that they had gone to serve at the functions since they are waiter and waitress but unfortunately Moses also died.

Meanwhile, the Search for the dead bodies of revellers that perished in Lake Victoria accident

The struggle has led to use of MV Kalangala ferry, bulldozers that were tied chains to retrieve the wreckage boat.

According to Asuman Mugyenyi, they have hope that this boat will be successfully pulled out because of the bulldozers and MV Kalangala Ferry, together with UPDF

“We are working hand in hand to retrieve bodies and the wreckage boat,” he said.