How Ugandans share ARVS with Pigs

Though Uganda government does all possible to weakening HIV virus in Uganda, there has been a threat that this may fail.

According to the research made in Lyantonde district shows that HIV patients share ARVs with animals especially pigs which has caused fear among leaders in this district.

This research was conducted by organization for community empowerment who found out that when patients get ARVS they share it with pigs after knowing that they help pigs to grow well.

Wasswa Kawooya led the team on the research said that their struggle to fight HIV in the country may be disorganized because of this.

The district chairman Fred Muhangi said that the government injects much money in treating HIV patients but shamelessly the citizens have not valued lives.

He wants the government to put committees that follow up patients that get ARVS to avoid such acts.

Residents led by Paul Ssekandi pin medical workers for selling this ARVS to them to treat their pigs.