NRM youth grills leaders over lie to Museveni.

National resistance Movement NRM youths have grilled their leaders for keeping president Museveni in lies about their financial status.

Makindye Ssaabagabo Wakiso district NRM Youths from 5 zones of Sseguku were the ones grilled their party leaders accusing them to keep their party chairman president Yoweri Museveni in lies about their financial status

The youths said that their leaders always tell president Museveni that the party members are ok yet they suffer deep in poverty.

Youths led by Simon Julius and Eron Paul Odong condemned the president’s promises to them about youths development funds of which it was never fulfilled yet he has given out a lot of hard cash to different groups of people.

They added that in 2015 president Museveni promised Kampala youths shs5 billion whom he told to form SACO groups where he imposed money but he never thought of Wakiso youths which they say that it has kept them deep in poverty.

The youths have threatened to raid at the state house in Entebbe until he will accept to meet them and they converse to him what they experience.

They also pit elders in the party that do not wish youths to get this development fund and they make sure they enjoy whatever money for the party.