Police should stop arresting people over idle says Lwakafuzi

Lawyer Ladislaus Lwakafuzi

Lawyer Ladislaus Lwakafuzi has condemned the law that gives police the right to arrest idle people saying that many innocent poor people suffer from prisons because of this law.

Lwakafuzi said that police over arrest innocent people because of this law adding that the government need to amend the constitution and remove this act.

According to Patrick Kimera Lawyer of Uganda, Human rights Commission said that president Museveni also directed that police should stop arresting people over idle.

Dr Meddie  Kaggwa chairman Uganda Humana rights commission said that this law was put to oppress the poor that it should not be a case because it leads many innocent people to get imprisoned.

Patrick Onyango assistant police spokesperson said that there are cases where suspects need to be sent to court before 48 hours but idlers are always sent immediately after arrest and they face court.