Police launch hunt for gang attacked Chinese stone quarry company

Police in Zirobwe has launched hunt for thugs that attacked Chinese stone quarry company in Zirobwe, beat up and stole more than shs 20millio with computers.

This company mines stones used to construct Airport and roads in the entire country.

The employees managed to alarm police that responded quickly but were also fought by the thugs and ran with their two AK47 guns.

However, police deployed another manpower that managed to force thugs loose guns.

According to Pasco Imarachi chairman LC 1 Zirobwe, young children who were going to school in the morning were the ones found guns along the road and informed other elders that alerted police and they managed to pick the guns.

Savannah region police spokesperson Paul Kangave the thugs injured policemen and went with more than 20 million shillings.

According to Kangave, thugs knew the place because they tried to hide from cameras at company place

“We detected that the thugs were among employees according to tactics they used while robbing from the company.