Why Fights involved in security agencies?

Why Fights involved in security agencies?

These days flying squad unit arrest people while wearing civilian and do not show arrest warrants nor their IDs though the IGP Martin Okoth Ochola gave directives that no one should accept being arrested by a police officer in civilian before introduced him/her self with the ID.

When people get abducted to unknown places police advise their relatives to check from the flying squad unit and in case of any brutal arrest and torture of people police always pin flying squad unit

This leaves query in people’s mind asking whether flying squad unit is under police according to the way they operate.

People have pined flying squad being involved in crime for several times and this mostly happened in the reign of former IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura which caused IGP Ochola ban it though he returned the unit after some time.

Flying squad unit has tried to prove that it is a unit on its own following its own obligations to the extent that it focuses at taking control even at a scene where police reached first and both have waged war whenever they meet at a scene of crime.

Recently on 29th October 2018, flying squad attacked Kitebi police to rescue their collegues allegedly involved in shs200 million and car theft

Re-arresting bailed prisoners

Security operatives alleged to be flying squad men have always evaded different courts and re-arrest released people though Chief justice Bert Katureebe had come out and condemned this.

Recently on 1st November 2018 Flying squad soldiers evaded Buganda road court and rearrested Ssaalongo Ibrahim Ssemanda who was released from remand for allegedly connived with Hassan Bukenya 39, Patrick Eridada Odeke 23, to steal a car Toyota Noah UAN 459Y belonged to Fred Mayanja a resident of Kabowa a Kampala suburb

Furthermore, on 17th October 2018 the High court had given bail to Baker Walusimbi and he was rearrested by men who were in civilian alleged to be from Flying squad the same happened to Dr.Ismail Kalule on 11th April 2018, Ahmed Ssenfuka one of Kaweesi murder suspects.


Flying Squad fight with Police and other security agencies.

Many times Flying squad unit have waged wars and fight with other security agencies especially since the murder of the fallen former AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

The first fight was at Lungujja in Kampala where Flying squad Unit attempted to arrest Christine Mbabazi Muhooza allegedly knew about Kaweesi’s murder and she was detained by ISO

Muhooza’s words about Kaweesi murder attracted the Internal Security Organization executive Director Col.Kaka.Frank Bagyenda send his men to give her special security as Flying squad unit also sent its men saying that they are the one to give her security

In the scuffle police arrested some of ISO soldiers and took them to OLD Kampala Police station and there broke wordy war that forced president Museveni order both agencies get away from Muhooza’s home and he sent there soldiers from SFC

Another fight came between police and ISO after the death of Trasvouri Juha Petteri 42 of Finland in Pearl of Africa and Sheraton Hotels where the former IGP Kale Kayihura ordered police to investigate about the letter that was found with the deceased said to have been written by ISO director Col Kaka Bagyenda inviting the white man to Uganda.

It is alleged that Kaka wrote to police denying writing the letter.

ISO also blamed police for failing to do enough investigations about the death of fallen musician AK47

Another fight came between police and ISO during the arrest of former gang star Paddy Sserunjogi “SOBBI” where ISO enforced police release “SOBBI”

The former security minister Henry Tumukunde and the former IGP Kayihura beefed and sometimes they did it openly which forced president Museveni intervene and it is alleged that this was the cause of their sacking from work.