Mobetto re-grates time she wasted with Plutnumz

Mobetto re-grates time she wasted with Plutnumz

Tanzanian model and socialite Hamisa Mobetto has come out and blasted her ex, singer Diamond Platnumz for wasting her time. She even revealed that the singer was a bad omen.

Recently, the socialite was sent packing by Tanzania’s finest singer after accusing her of practicing witchcraft to compel him into marrying her. Mobetto came out later to deny the allegations.

Now Mobetto claims that the African beauty singer was a bad omen and ever since she parted ways with him, blessings have been following her. Of late she has been getting juicy endorsements in Tanzania.

She further shared a photo of a good-looking man accompanied by a love heart.
Diamond and Mobetto have a son together known as Dalian.

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