Meet a 62-year-old woman hustles to look after family of 20

Sarah Bagoole 62 years old a resident of Kimwanyi zone Katanga village in Wandegeya whom they nicknamed as “Jaaja wabana Kinvinvi”

Sarah lives in a single rental room with 19 people whom she takes care of but she needs help according to her living condition.

Sarah is such a hard working lady, at 62 he walks all over the city looking for Matooke and cassava wastes which she collects from Mulago opposite shell and she sells them for survival.

When you find Sarah you may think that she is at peace until she tells you how she struggles to earn a living with her people whereby they are supposed to collect about 50 sacks of Matooke and cassava wastes  for she can be able to look after her family

62-year-old Sarah Bagoole

On top of collecting wastes, Sarah also does poultry keeping and sell chuckle.

However, Sarah looks at Katanga as the best place for settlement though many regret staying in Katanga because it is a slummy and swampy area that is not favourable to many.

Sarah said that she is proud of her children and the grandchildren whom she says that they have supported her at work because even after school they join her to collect wastes of which this is where they get school fees from.

When this woman tells you her story you can shade tears because of the journey of her life but she has hope that one time her children that involved in boxing game will help her rise from a miserable condition since some time they get chances and go abroad.

Sarah advises youths of today that they should strive hard to become rich since this does not mean that successful people were born by wealthy people and this is why she decided to involve her young children in boxing game so that they can become good examples before youths.

Furthermore, Sarah was among the many that got pieced by the murder of fallen MP Ibrahim Abiliga because he used to stop at her wastes business whenever he was heading to her home in Matugga and give her some money to invest in her business.

When you ask Sarah about her hero she will answer you that is a footballer Henry Kalungi because he visits and donates essential needs to her family whenever he comes to Uganda