KCCA ensures the Law, arrested hawkers.

KCCA ensures the Law, arrested hawkers.

Kampala capital city authority has resumed the arrest of hawkers that operate from streets of Kampala city as one way to ensure the Law.

During the arrest, much of the traders’ commodities were confiscated and destroyed and many traders were seen trying to escape with their commodities.

According to some of the traders we managed to talk to said that arresting Hawkers cannot stop them because they pay the bribe and get released.

Others said that the government should know that hawking commodities are the first business ordinary people can afford adding that the government should improvise convenient grounds where these hawkers can operate from.

Kabula Joseph Hawkers’ association chairman has urged minister Kamya to first settle problems involved in modern markets like Wandegeya, Usafi before she can chase them from the city.

According to Kituuma Rusoke who led KCCA police operation, they cannot let hawkers sell goods on streets especially in this Christmass Eve because many criminals tend to involve in these hawkers.

He urged them to leave a chance for traders in buildings operate and called upon all consumers to buy from shops rather than streets.

During the week Kampala minister Betty Olive Namisango Kamya warned hawkers and ordered KCCA enforcement to ensure the arrest of whoever sells goods at streets.