Besigye’s singer Mulwana to sing for Bobi wine in 2021

Besigye’s singer Mulwana to sing for Bobi wine in 2021

During 2015-2016 there came a song titled   “Toka kwa balala” which was supported by many Ugandans especially the opposing side of the people took the test of almost all Ugandans and it hit nationally because of the message curried in a song and it was time for general elections.

This song was composed by Adam Mulwana a musician who was not known in past but it was highly supported because it praised one of the presidential candidates Dr Kiiza Besigye and condemning bad things done by the ruling government.

According to Mulwana, many people thought that he was hired by Dr Besigye to compose this song but not, he stresses that he thought of the situation and composed that son after he took it to Besigye who appreciated it and supported it.

Mulwana hopefully wants to compose another song in the next elections come 2021 for another politician and that may be for People Power.

He said that he is about to launch a forum that he named Life Music Revolution where he is going to tour in the whole country collecting musicians ready to sing songs that can lead to liberation since he has hope that he can contribute big to his country’s liberation.

When he was asked whether he is not scared about the current situation where security operatives arrest whoever decides to follow People power politicians.

Mulwana reminded Ugandans that liberation is concerned to everyone, not an individual.