Minister Kamya orders for arrest of hawkers, street vendors.

Kampala minister Betty Olive Namisango Kamya has ordered Kampala Capital City Authority to arrest all hawkers and street vendors in the city.

She also warned engineers who construct buildings without fixture plan cleared from the authority that they are going to be demolished immediately after they are discovered.

“we discovered some engineers construct at night trying to escape paying for the plan but it is against the law,” said Kamya.

Minister Kamya was on Thursday addressing the media from media centre in the city and confirmed that all buildings should not start before cleared plan from the authority.

Minister Kamya also ordered KCCA enforcement to get leadoff all hawkers and street vendors within the city and along streets.

“These days am seeing many street vendors, but why? I think they should follow the law and stop selling goods on the streets” Min. Kamya said.

she said that business operators and residents of Kampala must continue meeting the cost for garbage collection stressing that president Museveni never gave a directive requiring private contractors from undertaking the work

Minister Kamya said that the city is likely to produce abnormal smell in case people stop paying this fee to facilitate garbage collectors because as KCCA they cannot afford to manage it alone as of now without contractor’s hence poor hygiene

She added that KCCA have fewer employees to collect rubbish in the city and few trucks yet they need more than 50 trucks to do this job alone without contractors.

People are urged to wait until the cabinet will approve the letter the policies.

It should be remembered that when he was touring Kampala about 3 weeks ago, President Museveni was implored by some traders to prevail over KCCA to stop what they called exorbitant garbage collection dues imposed by private garbage collection companies.

President Museveni tasked the Kampala minister to write down elaborating the policies under which they KCCA operates.