Man caught red-handed changing soft drinks expiry date

Man caught red-handed changing soft drinks expiry dates intending to distribute them to other traders for the market.

Asuman Kinene at Wakiso was caught by Uganda National Bureau of Standards by the help of police and arrested him for selling expired products

David Mugume who led the UNBS team in the operation said that Asuman who was with a retail shop of soft drinks was found of removing  expiry dates from drinks found expired and sell them to other traders including consumers

Jonah Male vice chairman in Wakiso condemned Ausman’s action asserting that this can be the best lesson to all criminals in Wakiso district that have put people’s lives in danger.

Luke Owoyesigyire Kampala metropolitan police spokesman said that Asuman will be taken to court and face charges

He warn traders who are fond of selling expired products because police is ready to help UNBS in this operation.