Former PM Mbabazi reveals why president Museveni chased him out of state

President Museveni(right) former prime minister Patrick Amma Mbabazi

Former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi revealed to the public why President Museveni whom he terms as his best friend chased him out of the state in the past years

Speaking at Kihihi High School fundraising on Sunday as a Chief Guest, Mbabazi said that said when he told the President that life is better outside the politics

“I had disagreements with my friend President Museveni. Do you know why we disagreed?

“It was all because I wanted him to retire. I have all along been talking good of him and I kept doing so even in the campaigns. I never talked bad about him as he led us well in the war and we won.”

He said that he has done more good things towards the transformation of Uganda but the only challenge is that he does not want to retire and give young people a chance to lead.

“In the government, he led us well and as of now, Uganda has been transformed. I thanked him and I will die to thank him but the time comes when you have to retire,” said Mbabazi.

However, Mbabazi who stood against Museveni for the presidency in the last elections did not reveal whether he is standing again income 2021 general elections.

He also was ousted as NRM Secretary General at a Delegates’ conference at Namboole stadium.

The Ex-PM contributed 400 iron sheets worth Shs18m while businessman James Musinguzi Garuga donated 200 iron sheets worth 9m. The whole fundraising made over Shs67m.