Gov’t aware of who tortures and murder Ugandans >Hon. Ssewungu

Ho, Ssewungu Joseph and president Yoweri Museveni.

Hon. Joseph Ssewungu  said that the government is aware of the murder and torture cause 5that is happening in Uganda these days

He said that before a soldier goes for the duty he /she signs a gun from armoury, and return it in the case is off duty before he/ she wear civilian.

Hon. Ssewungu said that the guns used by men who tortured Kawooya had AK47gun, Huzzigun which he said cannot appear in public without Government concent

“These guns cannot be used without Government system blessing, these guns were not stage-managed,” He said.

He also added that the opposition asked so that the human rights committee can be on the side of the opposition and the ruling party NRM refused, of which the committee has failed to use its full power to quiz these individual soldiers.

“…the criminal acts done today are from the government not from the opposition, the Human rights committee would have called these soldiers and question them individually” Ssewungu Said.

He also gave an example of one police officer Aron Baguma who alleged for having involved in the torture and murder of a businesswoman at Ssebuufu Pine car bond but after the cases went to court instead of punishing this police officer the government gave him a go ahead and he went out of the country.

He said that it is dangerous for the government to allow guns in civilians and urged the IGP Martin Okoth Ochola together with the army commander to always first investigate about who releases these guns to go in public.