President Museveni orders not to evict people any more

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has made new orders to land eviction whereby he has said that no one should evict people anymore.

President Museveni said this on Thursday when he had gone to listen to residents of Kirangita village, Nama division Mukono district decry over Dick Banoba’s land where he was evicting people.

President Museveni condemned people who evict others on land and make them refugees in their own land

He also said that the last land amendment did not mean that Landowners should evict land tenants as they currently do.

President Museveni ordered that landowners are no longer allowed to evict tenants on land illegally and those with court orders should first take them to state house so that he can take a review about them and find a solution.

He promised evicted people to aid them with posho as he continues investigating the matter.

Residents pinned the former Mukono DPC Henry Ambaho for having connived with Dick Banoba and tortured them but instead of punishing him they transferred him from  Mukono to Bushenyi.