SK Mbuga’s hope of releasing him from Jail declines

Kampala tycoon and socialite, SK Mbuga’s hope of getting released from Dubai jail has been poured after they produced a list of Ugandans who are about to be charged in court and he was excluded.

Mbuga has been out of the country for over eight months now, after being arrested in Dubai for allegedly defrauding a businessman of over  937 million Uganda shillings, approximately 250,000USD and another unspecified amount of money.

Since his arrest, the city tycoon has not yet been taken to court until he pays the unspecified amount of money to the Dubai businessman. He now remains in a Dubai maximum security prison for another extended period of time which is unknown at the moment.

His name was not on the list of 38 Ugandans who were held in Dubai jails as of September 18th this means he still has more time in Dubai Jail