How Prophet Mbonye gift Ella with Lexus on his birthday

Stella Ella Nantumbwe was on her birthday ceremony with a lexus car gift.

The renowned self-proclaimed prophet Elvis Mbonye who is rumored to be dating the former big brother housemate.

Prophet Mbonye is rumored for having gifted the former Miss Uganda Stella Nantumbwe with a brand new expensive luxurious car at her Birthday which she celebrated over the weekend though he used another party to deliver it.

Now, prophet Mbonye’s personal assistant has come out to trash the rumors, saying those are false accusations and that whoever is spreading the lies is out to tarnish the prophets’ image.

it is also alleged that Mbonye is the one who organized her this function that cost him millions and hired her best musician Geosteady

However, some people are still convinced that it is Mbonye and until he speaks out for himself, the rumors all over social media will keep going and soon be confirmed

We have learnt that Prophet Mbonye is a married man with children so how could he extend his last love to Nantumbwe this way, anyway we are yet to know the truth about this we shall keep you posted.