Who empowered Kitatta to the extent of plotting to burn city, killing UPDF soldiers & burning their vehicles?

Up to now, Ugandans have a query about former Bodaboda 2010 patron Abudallah Kitatta’s alleged criminal acts he did before he was jailed

One may ask who was behind him all empowered him to the extent of ordering his men to kill UPDF soldiers, burn their vehicles and worst of all plotting to set the whole city Kampala on fire

Maj David Agaba revealed evidence about this a UPDF soldier works in AMSON Somalia and he was one of the soldiers led the operation under which Kitatta with his men were arrested and by then he was working with CMI and was the one commanding anti-terrorism group.

Maj.David Agaba said that his boss the anti-terrorism unit in CMI Ltd col Erias Byamukama called him on 19/01/2018 and informed him about the news about murderers of the former case hospital accountant Francis Ekalungar where they had to arrest Huzair Kiwalabye who was at Nateete at that time.

Agaba said that he gathered his men and handed them to Cpl. Richard Wanyama who went and arrested Kyewalabye but he had some other two who tried to resist his arrest after they were also arrested

Immediately after they drove away, they were followed by Bodaboda riders who attempted to block them so that they don’t take their colleague

Agaba added that soldiers informed him about the likely problem they were about to face and he ordered them to pass by Nateete Police station so that they can get more manpower which failed after the police OC told them that he had less manpower which he could not help them with any.

Here, soldiers barred the situation and decided to continue taking the suspects as bodaboda men also insisted following them up to Lubaga where they started throwing stones towards soldiers’ vehicle and injured the operation commander

Agaba ordered for the arrest of whoever involved in throwing stones where they managed to arrest Kitatta’s friend Joel Kibirige

Soldiers decided driving while heading to Kisekka Street where there was a military raid so that they can be assisted with more manpower though Agaba had also sent another group to rescue his boys.

After the soldiers asked Kibirige why they causing such chaos and he replies that they were on Boss’ orders who told them that they can do whatever it takes to rescue his brother even if it meant killing soldiers and burn their vehicles.

Agaba further narrated that after a day Kitatta’s brother was detained on 21st/01/2018, his boss called him again and told him about news that Bodaboda 2010 members had gathered at Nateete with the intention of burning the whole Kampala city

He said that they had connived to cause chaos to burn city buildings, burning car tires along roads and roads until their boss is released.

The army was deployed around and Kitatta ’s men took off as soldiers managed to arrest only 6 of them, they searched his office where they found two soldier attires, seven hats, pangs, iron bars, motorcycle registration numbers, SMG gun with pistol bullets.

All this leaves the query in p-people’s hearts asking where Kitatta got all this extreme power saying that he might have had very prominent people in the government whom he lined on beyond UPDF expectation.