Wedding plan for sheebah Karungi done.

Wedding plan for sheebah Karungi done.

The numerous questions that have been circulating amongst fans are yet to have a remedy as queen karma has decided to sort out her intimate issues despite the ups and bottoms engaged in as majority testifies.

Dating and relationships come and go but marriage sums up the long-lasting legal relationship between man and wife as they cement an agreement to become husband and wife.

The narrative seems not to leave out TNS’ music goddess Sheebah Karungi who seems to have taken a difficult decision of foregoing the cold nights to move on with a blessed marriage.

From rumored relationships with fellow workmates, like music promoter and manager Jeff Kiwa, musicians Pallaso, Weasel and several others, Queen Karma is ready to walk down the podium with a mysterious guy who is not yet disclosed though some sources revealed that the lucky guy might be Jeff Kiwa.

Flamboyant and gorgeous in a beautiful white max wedding dress that spoke volumes about her future as far as romance is concerned, the world should be eager to be surprised with a mega wedding party of the celebrated singer.