Louis Kasekende should explain the source of his stinking wealth.

Louis Kasekende deputy Governer BoU

By Kagenyi Lukka

Responsible citizenship involves having knowledge about one’s role in the community, the country, and the world. It stretches to participation in activities that make the world a better place. Such citizens are change agents that act out against social, economic, and environmental injustices.

As a responsible citizen, demanding for accountability from Dr Louis Kasekende is not acting outside my responsibility .Moreover; public offices such as one of the deputy governor are held for and on behalf of the public/citizens.

The deputy governor is appointed by the president and approved by parliament. Both the president and parliament are voted for by the people called citizens and account to them accordingly. Accounting to the public ensures that Louis Kasekende is evaluated based on his performance or behavior and conduct at the bank of Uganda where he is responsible.

According to Inspector General of Government (IGG), Louis Kasekende earns an annual salary of Uganda shillings 559, 848,000 and allowances of 162,098,748 while his other sources of income are rental income, pension from AFDB and Bank of Uganda (read declaration of income, assets and liabilities form under the leadership code Act 2002, part1).

The commercial rental properties are; Plot 3 Ggaba Close that is co-owned with A Kasekende and valued at Shs2.1b at the time of filing, Plot 1475

Lubowa Estate Wakiso that is co-owned with E. Kasekende and valued at Shs2b and Plot 12 Corporation Road Ntinda and valued at Shs0, 39b. Others are; Plot 2 Bukoto Rise Ntinda, valued at 1.3b, Plot 2B Makindu Lane Kololo, valued at 2.0b Buloba and Plot 706 Block 314, valued at 0.5b.

Kasekende also listed three vehicles including a Mercedes Benz ML 350 (UAG 922E), purchased at $42,000 (about Shs150m), a Mercedes S320 (UAK150Q), purchased at Shs48m and a Toyota Hilux UAF 840Y purchased at Shs19m. He also owns 3489 shares in Greenhill Holdings, the company behind Greenhill Academy. He says he jointly owns the shares with his

Spouse Edith and he earned the money to buy the said shares from his salary savings, travel allowances, and research grants.

My concern is not so much about the properties that Louis and his family own but rather about how they acquired the properties and in what period of time. Kasekende’s explanation should involve convincing the public if he acted in line with the goals, objectives, values and the mission of the Bank of Uganda or not which will be an open act of deviation.

When the reported wealth can’t be accounted for, there might have been a possibility of unjust enrichment which occurs when one person is enriched at the expense of another in circumstances that the law sees as unjust and therefore mechanisms for recovery can be made.

Finally, by explaining the source of his wealth, Kasekende will be washing himself clean before the public where a considerable section sees him as a dishonestly rich government official.

Lukka.kagenyi@gmail.com.The author is a current affairs analyst and the next MP,Ikiiki.