Government review on taxes levied on taxi drivers

The government has made a review on taxes levied on taxi drivers and confirmed the actual taxes should be paid where and when.

It is confirmed that the taxes collected from taxi drivers will be divided into two potions where some will go to KCCA authority and to areas where taxis come from

From the meeting that was mobilized by president Museveni, confirmed that city service taxis will pay shs720, 000 taxes each year, buses will have to pay shs2.40m each year.

This information was released by the government public relations Ofwono Opondo in a written statement on Tuesday.

This followed many complaints from the taxi drivers to president Museveni over the shs120,000 KCCA levied on them each month whereby they collected 1.44m each year which they said was very high according to their daily income.

Taxis work from outside Kampala towns will also contribute the same amount of money and it is divided into those two towns.

Taxis will pay 60 % to where they lord form and pay 40% to where they off lord.

Ofgwono said that this aimed at amending the payments and remove the habit of paying each day and it will stop divisional tax agents.