Resisting #People Power: NRM to launch #Yellow Power.

The speed on which Kyaddondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi wine # People power has threatened many politicians hence becoming innovative each day as many others join the group every day.

The ruling party National Resistance Movement have started organizing for the launch of the new forum they have named as # Yellow Power intending to harmonize the party members who had started quitting the party joining #People power

Robert Kayitana NRM in Masaka who has led the organizations said that this forum will be launched as early as possible though he was not specific when and where.

Robert said that they have fished printing yellow T-Shirts and caps they are going to wear while launching it and they admire to take Tamale Mirunndi as their ambassador to enable spreading the news about the forum.

However, Robert refuted the allegations that he is among the president Museveni’s  group of Bazzukulu that have been moving together with Museveni  saying that he cannot be one of them since they are looking for daily food and for him (Robert) is intending to strengthen the party

It is not yet clear whether police will also resist the group from meeting as they have done on other opposition parties but the great Masaka police spokesman Lameca Kigozi said that police will find out what the group is aiming at and if they are unlawful police will not allow their meetings.