NRM leaders accuse police fighting party as they teargassed them

Mbale district NRM leaders have accused police of sabotage and witch-hunt over the party was tear-gassed after causing chaos

“We launched our movement as a ruling party to encounter the opposition’s people power but unfortunately as our supporters were matching in town, police swung into action and teargassed them without any explanation,” said Mahmoud Masaba, the district party chairman.

Masaba said despite the supporters being clad in the party uniform, placards and carrying party banners and flags, they were teargassed.

“It’s regrettable that police leadership is now fighting the NRM leadership in the district,” he said.

He added that if this continues, it will give an upper hand to the opposition in  Bugisu sub-region, which is already an opposition stronghold for Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

Galiwango said the objective of the movement was a peaceful one and only intended to rally support for the party and prevent the opposition from misleading the youth.

“This movement is aimed at rallying support for the party and it does not like people power, which is only intended to mislead people since it has no agenda. It’s only for Bobi Wine and his family,” he said.

But the district police commander, Mathias Turyasingura, defended the decision to teargas the NRM supporters, saying they had attacked the police station.

“We should distinguish between party politics and criminality. They come with goons and attacked the police stations. They were also blocking roads, which was unacceptable,” he said, adding all peaceful means to have them leave the police station, failed and they had to use force.

“The NRM supporters are not supposed to cause chaos and attack a police station,” he emphasized.