Independence: Use the money for development instead of celebrations says FDC

Forum for democratic change members say that the government could use the money to develop the country instead of organizing for the National Independence Day celebrations

According to FDC party spokesman Ibrahim Ssemuju Nganda, the country is deep in challenges that need to be solved instead of imposing money in independence day celebrations which he termed as NRM day as NRM party members use this day for their recognition

Hon. Ssemuju Nganda said that President Museveni would have used this money to construct a healthy center it would have been better for his recognition and a good legacy

FDC members said all this from their office headquarters at Najjanankubi where they celebrated the Independence Day.

From the same Function, the parliamentary Leader of opposition Betty Aol Ochan warned youths to be careful with the hard cash given by president Museveni because it may be aimed at silencing if not diverting them

About failure to win in Sheema North By-elections, FDC said that their voters were intimidated by the army deployed and they decided not to vote.