I Regret why I Messed Up with SK Mbuga- Leila Kayondo

I Regret why I Messed Up with SK Mbuga- Leila Kayondo

Singer Leila Kayondo is still now crying foul play for messing up with her ex-boyfriend, tycoon Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga alias SK Mbuga Nelor has learned.

It must be remembered that the ‘Manifesto‘ singer chose a wild and forever young living ignoring the real estates’ dealer’s proposal to settle down into a blessed marital home.

Forget about the petty fights that occurred between the two lover birds, it was more evident that Leila preferred partying in nightclubs and studio at the expense of keeping home and making babies with the tycoon so as to seal off a formidable future family.

It was on this point that Mbuga chose to move on with another new catch Vivienne Birungi who by a whisker had already delivered a baby for the tycoon leaving Leila Kayondo not only struggling financially but also experiencing sleepless nights in her lonely living.

Kayondo has yet come out to conceded making a big mistake of letting her love go and despite the fact that mistakes are men at for humans, she is not ready for that anymore.

“I don’t know about you! But for me. Back in the days ——-growing up in the village. Even the domestic animals that my grannies were rearing used to make mistakes;;;for example. Messing up my grandma’s kitchen. Some times thy were Punished. what am I saying! ?Am just reminding you that. It’s human to make mistakes but caution yourself not to repeat the same mistakes,” lamented singer Leila Kayondo.