Police nabs 3 armed robbery

Jinja police fires bullets to nab armed thieves that had hidden within Iganga town and rescues one gun from them.

Police found it hard to arrest the three men that were armed ready to shoot and kill whoever crosses their way.

According to one of the eyewitness saw these men packing along the road with a gun in a polythene bag then after a few minutes she heard bullets from the side of the police and she saw one of these men picking the gun from the car and fire bullets too.

According to Jinja police spokesperson Diana Nandawula the three men are detained at Jinja police with one gun piston.

Nandawula said that the police got informed about the existence of these thugs that they had hidden in Iganga Town in a certain hotel waiting for another group of thieves with a gun ready to go for robbery then the police followed until they netted them.

Nandawula said that this is the fourth gun they have discovered this month and thanked residents of Jinja for being cooperative.

The resident also appreciated the police struggle and great work they have done to overcome thugs.