NDA bans sexual booster drugs

Some of the sexual enhancement herbs ban by NDA

The National Drug Authority (NDA) has banned the sale of vitality herbal medicine for men saying “they contain dangerous chemicals that could lead to serious cardiovascular events including sudden death.”

In a circular issued by Helen Byomire Ndagije, the Director Product Safety, the authority has also revoked marketing authorization permits for the sale and distribution of such herbal products.

“The National Drug and Authority Act Cap 206 section 30 on impure drugs prohibits sale of any drug which is unwholesome or adulterated or which does not conform to the prescription under which it is supplied,” Ndagije said in a statement advising the public not to patronize them.

The herbal medicinal products hit by the ban include; Tiger King, Libido booster, Rocky Dr Lee, Male virility enhancement viamax sexy coffee, Zeman SX capsule and Manix Herbal capsules.

Others include Vitality powder R, ManP, Instant Male salute power, Extra Power, Wakeup call Man power, Man power2, Man Po, Heal Mr Power Man, Power liquid, air force, Manpower, MP Powder, and KBR Powder

The NDA said recently that the products were registered as herbal medicinal products indicated for male vitality but post-market surveillance activities conducted by the have revealed that they have been adulterated with Sildenafil, a synthetic pharmaceutical ingredient used to in the formulation of prescription-only medicine for the treatment of various health conditions.

“The adverse effects sildenafil used in these products may have serious health implications which include cerebrovascular haemorrhage (bleeding in the brain) which could lead to serious cardiovascular events including sudden death,” Ms Ndagije added in a circular.

NDA has also put in place a monitoring mechanism to ensure that the producers, distributors and marketers obey the directive.