Electoral commission to repeat counseled LC elections.

electoral commission leaders

The electoral commission has declared to organize and repeat elections in areas where it has been counseled due to chaos.

According to Electoral commission, Voting was supposed to start at 10:30am but as early as 9:00am, speculation was rife that the election would turn chaotic not be conducted summarily in most of the polling stations

This was after candidates’ supporters – some brandishing sachets of alcoholic spirits – started fighting and hurling profanities at rival factions in full glare of the police.

However, when the chaos persisted, EC officials were led out of the polling stations by police.
Voters were more concerned of those who were brought in from other areas to cast their votes from different polling stations

A brother to Democratic Party (DP) President General, Nobert Mao, has been one of the elected LCI chairmen in the elections conducted countrywide.

Dusman Okee, an independent, won the Bukaya West village LCI seat located in Njeru Municipality, Buikwe District after garnering 150 votes and defeating three other candidates.

Arikangelo Unzima (NRM) came second with 20 votes while two pulled out of the race after noticing that none of the voters was lining behind them.

In Bukaya East village, Njeru Central Division in Buikwe District, Ernest Ssenyonjo retained his seat.

At both polling stations, elections started at 11:00am and went on smoothly without any disruption.

However, despite the fact that elections have been chaotic in most of the areas country wide but police has acted calmly unless in some parts where it as forced to shot bullets and tear gas to calm the situation though no one has been reported injured so far.