Police nabs a gun used in robbery

Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Luke Owesigire

Nansana police has nabbed a gun that has been used in several robberies around the area

Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Luke owesigire informed Nelor 24/7 News that the nabbed gun was piston which they found with another fake gun and fake notes of money all with Henry Bakerwa 44 years old a resident of Nansana Ganda Wakiso district.

Police says that they have been receiving complaints from the residents that there are thieves that hang along roads and they grab their belongings on gun point

Police has been searching and investigating on this same issue for long and it opened a file on REF 19/208 so that it can be followed well and get nabbed.

Police managed to search in Bakerwa’s house where they found this gun, fake money together with the gadgets he has been using to break people’s padlocks and housed for stealing

Still police found him with a police bond letter on his former robbery case.

Owesigire added that Bakerwa has been using this gun in different missions of robbery especially in areas of Ganda, Lubigi and other area of Nansana.

The document shows that Bakerwa had another group of gang include, Bashir Twesigye and Godfrey Tusiime whome he was robbing with and their case file was CRB 658/2018

“….I have been stealing money from the bodaboda riders and their passengers, I have been waiting for them in areas of Rubigi but especially money no other things.” Bakerwa confessed.