Plot to Rescue Kale from Murder, Treason Charges Leaks

Gen.Edward Kale Kayihura surrounded by his associates.

Plot to rescue former police Inspector General started with the firing of Alaka Caleb advocates after Kale’s wife was advised by a top general names withheld on a phone call interview which lasted for over 30 minutes.

Kayihura first hired Alaka and company advocates owned by famous city criminal lawyer Caleb Alaka and Ocheng and company advocates owned by another celebrated criminal lawyer Evans Ocheng.

. Both Alaka and Ocheng earlier confirmed that they visited Kayihura at Makindye military barracks where he is currently detained.

However later on, Kayihura’s family led by her wife Angela released a statement to the press disowning Alaka and Ocheng and revealing that all legal matters concerning Kayihura will be handled by another prominent city law firm of Kampala Associate Advocate (KAA) something that muted both Alaka and Ocheng.

Why Caleb was fired

A source in the military, who was one of the top officers involved in the deadly operation to arrest Kayihura exclusively said that before Kayihura was driven to Makindye barracks from Mbuya military headquarters on orders Gen Yoweri Museveni, Kayihura was very cooperative with the operatives from CMI and ISO until Alaka and Ocheng who are also representing Kayihura’s man Joel Aguma advised Kayihura to stop giving information to the military detectives in their absence.

“When the officers went to clarify on certain information he had first given them, he refused to talk to them and asked them to call his lawyers. The detectives then smelt a rat. As soon as they left him, they called another General (we can’t reveal the name for security reasons) who by the way commanded the search at Kale’s home in Muyenga. This general talked to Angela,” the source revealed.

The General engaged Angela ‘Kayihura’s wife’ on phone for 30 minutes. He told her tell Kale to work with the detectives.

He also advised Angela to even change the lawyers who Kale had chosen to represent him because it seemed his current lawyers were misleading him.

Plot to rescue Kale

Most of the partners in KAA are personal friends to the commander in chief, two are his lawyers have represented him and saved him from many deadly cases including presidential elections cases, three of them are very competent people who know how to handle scandalous cases and are not after money like some lawyers in town because they are already filthy rich.

After the call, Angela went to the law chambers of KAA and gave them instructions to represent her husband and on that same day, they drove together with counsel Jet Tumwebaze, Peter Kabaste and Edison Karuhanga all partners in KAA to Makindye military barracks where they  met Kayihura and the lawyers were introduced.

“You know the respect Kayihura gives such guys, do you think that Kayihura can doubt what senior counsel Kabaste tells him. He convinced him that they were going to handle the matter sensitively and even promised him positive results,” the source from KAA added.

A source in KAA has authoritatively said that there are ongoing negotiations between KAA, Kayihura family members, some elders from Kisoro, top UPDF officials, security minister and the president to give Kayihura a safe way out of jail.

The source revealed to this website that in one of the negotiation meeting, KAA and some of Kayihura’s family members pleaded with the president not to charge Kayihura with capital criminal offences of murder, espionage and treason.

“Some security officials even advised the president not to charge Kayihura with those cases as reported in the media.” the source said.