HIV/AIDS, Lesbianism and Homosexuality invade Luzira prison – Basaija

The commissioner General of Uganda Prisons service Johnson Byabashaijja and prisoners at the pitch

The commissioner General of Uganda Prisons service Johnson Byabashaijja says the acts of homosexuality and lesbianism is eating up Ugandan prisons and something has to be done as immediately as possible, Byabashaijja was meeting with executives from the Uganda Aids commission after realizing that there is a high spread of HIV and aids in Ugandan prisons.

According to a reliable source from the Uganda prisons services who asked us not to disclose his identity, he confirmed that homosexuality is not only amongst prisoners but also among prison workers and wardens and they seriously need a solution because this has even increased the spread of HIV aids.

The source added that many prisoners don’t want to be engaged in such evil acts but there is no way they could dodge it because it involves some of their bosses.

When contacted, spokesperson of the Uganda prisons services Frank Baine, he  refuted allegations that there is homosexuality even though his boss confirmed it earlier.

He added that “three quarters 3/4 of our prisons come from very poor background and poor families and come with different ideologies, there is no way we could or can prevent this but rather talk to them, we have a bill of homosexuality, the government should make it a law if such acts are to be fought in prisons, but what is hurting is that the bill is there but nothing is being done to prevent these acts. ” Baine says

He has however appealed to the government to discourage these teaching and also engage other institutions which have a big number of people as a means of finding a solution

Speaking to the director general of the Uganda aids commission Nelson Musoba, he says that they are in talks with the prisons service to see if they can give prisoners condoms to see that they can prevent the spread of HIV aids in prisons, however he says that this is just a proposal and if allowed they will start giving free condoms to prisoners.

Musoba also wants government to always first make checkups to all prisoners to know their status before putting them in prisons.