Kayihura is a snake: Kiyimba speaks out on his arrest over Masaka machete goons.

After news circulating over different media Plat forms over the arrest of Nsangi town council mayor and NRM chairman Hajj Abdul Kiyimba on orders of president Museveni after he was allegedly implicated by many suspects for masterminding the attacks in the five districts that make up Greater Masaka, veteran politician has spoken out his side of the story in which story he termed everything as allegations intended to defame him.

On Tuesday it was alleged that Kiyimba was arrested by CMI operatives in connection with machete attacks in Greater Masaka that claimed a number of lives and left many injured in the last two years.

However, after he learnt of the allegations of being wanted by the security operatives, Kiyimba recorded a video lighting the public about the allegations which video he posted on his Facebook page.

According to Kiyimba he heard of different allegations including being on a police list said to be consuming government fuel.

It’s from here that Kiyimba who is said to have gone abroad in Boston for official duties says he is ready to hand himself to police immediately when he returns on weekend saying he has enough proof that he used police fuel on police duties.

“…. I cannot run from Uganda as the allegations, I boarded through VIP, I even used police fuel on police duties as the mobilizer of Kampala metropolitan community policing” Kiyimba said.

“….I came abroad for official duties where I was supposed to spend three weeks meeting black mayors in Jordan but due to what is happening in Uganda now I need to return”

Kiyimba says , by the police fuel he was given , he managed to construct several police stations around Kampala namely Katwe police station and that he has constructed other police stations on his own money something that called for the presidential award of appreciation by the President and the NRM chairman.

Kiyimba also said he last meet Kayihura at Kawesi burial. He says, Kayihura is a snake who denied me at Kibuli that he never knew me yet he was the same man who took me to the president