MPs stopped from debating about Kayihura.

Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga and Former IGP Edward Kayihura

Amidst the complaints, discussions, and lamentations amongst MPs that grew up in Tuesday’s Plenary about the arrest and detention of the former inspector general of police general Kale Kayihura, the speaker of parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga stoped them from debating about Gen Kayihura’s matters saying it is of no use when still under investigations.

“The matter is under investigation. We have no value-addition at this stage. Leave that matter,” Kadaga said.
Rose Kabagyenyi, the Kisoro District Woman MP, had earlier implored the House to interest itself in Gen Kayihura’s case.

“We are disturbed by the conflicting statements surrounding the circumstances of the arrest and detention of the former IGP…” Kabagyenyi said.

She said: “We want to know why he was arrested. We want the government to tell us about the constitutional right to be brought to court not later than 48 hours from the time of a person’s arrest.”
In January this year, Gen. Kayihura asked Parliament to consider introducing a law that would enable security operatives to detain suspects beyond 48 hours.

Gen Kayihura claimed that some of the suspects released on police bond or court bail go into hiding soon afterwards.
Speaking during plenary, Busongora North Member of Parliament (MP), William Nzoghu, said Gen Kayihura should face it.

“Gen Kayihura arrested many people including the people of Kasese…The Commander-in-Chief [Gen Yoweri Museveni], on his wisdom, has arrested Gen Kayihura… for the safety and security of our country,” Nzoghu said.
“Is Hon Kabagyenyi in order to challenge the decision the Commander-in-Chief has taken to ensure that there is security in this country and to make sure he also pays for his sins?”

Contributing on the matter, Bukooli North MP, Gaster Mugoya, said he had in the past warned Ugandans about the dangers of giving one person a lot of powers.

“I raised the issue of over-centralization of power in the hands of one man…So, is it procedurally right for a Member of Parliament from Kisoro to come and require us or this House or government to give an explanation when there are several crimes that are purported to have been committed by the officer?” Mugoya asked.

When she realized the lamentation has gone beyond, from her mandate, the Speaker of the parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga shut all of them immediately saying thee parliament should not discuss more on General Kayihura’s matters since they are still handled by security and under investigations.