Who is fooling who? New Details Prove Kayima a liar / Kitagenda a Police officer.

Gen.Kale Kayihura,Abel Kitagenda and Emilian Kayima.

A few days just after police spokesman Emilian Kayima came up and addressed the media on the details of Kitagenda Abbey and his connection with the police force denying the reports that he ‘Kitagenda’ wasn’t working for police, new details have proved the spokesman’s statement wrong after it was discovered that the said Kitagenda has worked for the force since 29/04/2014.

 Kitagenda who was arrested recently on reports that he physically participated in the assassination of the former police spokesman Felix Kawesi , details with his connection to the police force are clearly proved by his identification number 51167 and density number 37424 all on his police identification card which was given to him by the former inspector general of police Kale Kayihura.

On the Identification card, there is a signature of kale kayihura, police logo , court of arm , date of issue and Kitagenda’s signature.

According to sources in security  , Kitagenda is also the man who was assigned to provide security to the Eastern part of Uganda during the times the Busoga kingdom had wrangles and divisions between Gabula Nadiope and Christopher Wambuzi which duty was assigned to him by his former boss Kale Kayihura.

However it is still said that, Kitagenda used the same chance and participated in other bloody deals in his line of duty in the eastern which bloody deal the source never revealed at a time.

Kitagenda was arrested along Nasser Road after operatives from the Internal Security Organization Learning that he had a planned to run out of the country and settle with his relatives in Canada.

Security reports indicate that Kitagenda’s role in the assassination of Kawesi was to stop the driver paving way for the assailants to shoot.

Felix Kawesi was assassinated a year along a few minutes from his home and since then operatives have been working day and night to tress the killers , master minder and the plot behind.

At Kitagenda’s Arrest , Police Spokesperson  Emilyan Kayima denied the reports that he ‘Kitagenda’ was working’ for the police force .

 Now the question is , on both the security organs that is the internal Security organization which is led by col Kaka Bagyenda and the POLICE FORCE WHOZ FOOLING WHO.