Nambooze throws back to Abed Bwanika> you can join DP

Hon.Betty Nambooze

Mukono municipality member of parliament has thrown back to the People’s Democratic party president Abed Bwanika when he attacked her and Elias Lukwago at their recent caucus held at Makerere University last week accusing them of being Besigye’s microphone yet they know that he is outdated they want another opposition leader to go in the presidential elections race whom they are emphasizing he should be a Muganda from DP party.

Hon. Nambooze says that if the former PDP presidential candidate Abed Bwanika feels for the DP party as he portrays in his said disguising words of attacking other members of the party, that he rather leave his party and join DP.

Nambooze adds that people like Abed Bwanika are the very ones that have taught young generations of DP party the habit of bribe orientation in whatever they do instead of playing what takes them forward.

“….i wonder what they have prepared to do for DP president Hon. Norbert Mao if they say that they want a Muganda yet they know that their party president is not a Muganda , are you going to axe him out of the party ,what are your intentions?” Nambooze asked.

Nambooze asserted that DP members claim they don’t want Dr.Besigye bust you find them with Mugisha Muntu and Winnie Kiiza forgetting that FDC members are of the same heart they are not hypocrites like those of DP

In the UYD caucus held at Makerere University last week Nambooze refused to attend the caucus due to their misunderstandings amongst them though the caucus was said to have been a re union, the party members and the few nonparty members stood up and mocked Hon.Betty Nambooze and Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago for being Besigye’s microphone this pieced Nambooze from whenever she was and she also decided to throw back to them by opening