Nambooze reveals why she cannot leave Dr. Kiiza Besigye

Mukono Municipality member of parliament

Mukono municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze Bakireke revealed and gave reasons as to why she cannot leave Cal.Dr.Kiiza Besigye the former FDC presidential candidate.

The Democratic Party Youth caucus resumed the fight in the party pinning Betty Nambooze and Lukwago for spying them as they work for Dr. Besigye.

However Nambooze mocked the organizers of this party that they work for President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

Nambooze who refused to join this caucus gave her opinion on what the organizers of this had in mind “Their opinion was not wrong only that they handled it wrongly which cannot help DP instead it is Deeping it into problems which can force those who were still having hop in the party to lose hop.

She mentioned reasons why she cannot leave Dr.Besigye and emphasized that

“The problem with DP is to fail knowing where they have failure and where there is a problem

  • Imagine a party that does not change leadership
  • A party which does not welcome new members,
  • A party which does not recruit new leaders
  • A party without documents, when you tell them about going down to villages and recruit new members then they call you an enemy
  • A party that cannot organize meeting outside Buganda!
  • Any powerful party has to be with strong leaders who cannot accept bribe
  • A party which does not have general secretary not even a chairman, is it also Besigye to blame?
  • Nambooze adds that Besigye has the ability of organizing meetings in different areas like Teso, Rukungiri,Busoga among others and announces to up lift DP but some of you spied on Besigye whenever he held public rallies and meetings you secretly tipped Kayihura you real don’t feel for DP
  • That is why you hear them confronting Nambooze and Lukwago” Nambooze stressed

You said that you are tired of Besigye yet you are comfortably sitting with Gen.Mugisha Muntu now what is that?

  • “I am a DP member but my fellow members who think they are youths who still trying with their political games they think that they should first fight Besigye after finishing him they start another war on Museven, am grown up I cannot  manage those fights anymore” Nambooze informed.

Nambooze adds that some of the views they introduced in the caucus like attacking Dr.Kiiza Besigye, deciding that they want a Muganda president and informing that the country has not got any chance to provide a Muganda presidential candidate.

Betty Nambooze stressed that, this is not true because there are some Baganda who have come out for presidential candidate since 1996 where DP party was pieced with Museveni after realizing that he was going astray according to what they were expecting of him and all parties made a caucus where they all decided to support Dr. Kawanga Ssemwogere in the powerful race of presidential elections however Kawanga Ssemwogerere failed because some of the members still had hope in Museveni.

During 2001 elections, Ssemwogerere saw that ALhaji Ntege Ssebaggala had the ability and support from the public only that he had no academic papers he seconded him knowing that they could find his academic papers where many got injuries when police shot bullets and tear gas in the people who had decided to support Ssebaggala then after they waited for the papers and they were nowhere to be seen, Ssemwogerere directed members to support Dr.Kiiza Besigye.

During 2006 DP put the late John Ssebaana Kizito , who thought to be competing since he was also a pure Muganda but what came from elections was totally different and Dr.Besigye also involved in the race.

During 2011, DP put its president Norbert Mao where Besigye also raced so those who say that DP supports Besigye , how can they support him yet they also put theirs.

During 2016 elections DP supported Amama Mbabazi and Dr.Besigye also raced so when did they supported Besigye? “Saying that lets put Baganga it’s a lie because they have also been racing in this and fail.” Nambooze said.