Kirumira resurrects: Speaks on Nalufenya Poisoning, His will before attacking Gen Kayihura and Kitatta

Former Buyende District Police Commander (DPC) Mohammad Kirumira his
back in new twist with socking details revealing how he managed to
survive being poisoned during the days he was detained at Nalufenya prison and hoe he made his will before attacking Gen.Kayihura and Kitatta.

While appearing at NTV “Mwasuzze mutya” morning talk show hosted by
Faridah Nakazibwe  , Kirumira said he went to his village in Mpambire,
booked a plot where he will be buried and measured his grave before he took a move to confront and end  Kayihura with his men.

Kirumira said that he told his father and family members not to cry
for him if he loses his life in the battle against Kayihura’s men.

“I told them that I’m going to battle men who have power, but am scared
they might kill me. I told them that in case they kill me, I don’t
want them to cry for me because it was my decision to confront them.
But luckily before God could take me to my grave, they fired the big
man,” Kirumira said.

While narrating his Nalufenya ordeal, where he feared that he might be
poisoned, Kirumira said that he rejected Nalufenya beans and posho and
told them to cook meat, rice and chicken for him and test his meals in
his presence before they served him.

Kirumira said that he was happy that Kayihura’s ‘expendables’, who
gave orders and were untouchable like Nixon, Kitatta, Anguma are down
and that Kayihura was fired. He added that the new IGP Okoth Martin
Ochola (OMO) is the right man to take on the force but the mafia in
government who earn from lawlessness and some of Kayihura’s cadres who
are still in the lower police ranks might fail him.

He gave an example of the recent press conference where the IGP called upon Ugandans to
exercise their rights by resisting arrests from people who are not properly dressed in police uniform.

Kirumira said that OMO’s statement was good faith but the mafia who want to soil his name interpreted it in a wrong way and are using it against him. Kirumira promised to write a letter to the president and
the IGP detailing the wrong elements who are still in the police force.