Faked kidnap: Woman asks 500,000 shillings

Amina Mirembe has been arrested by police in Kampala for faking her own kidnap and ask 500,000 shillings from her boy friend

Amina made calls to her boyfriend James Mugoda claiming that she had been kidnapped by two men, who were asking for a Shs500,000 ransom on Sunday at 2am.

This website has learnt that Amina faked her own kidnap with the aim of testing her boyfriend’s love towards her.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman, Luke Owoyesigire, said the boyfriend alerted several people including police officers.

“Later she called her boyfriend saying she had been rescued by a police patrol,” Owoyesigire said on Sunday.

He said Magoda encouraged her to go to police and record a statement.

But after interrogating her, detectives found out that her statements were not coordinated since no police patrol had been involved in any rescue.

Owoyesigire said Mirembe later admitted that she had faked her kidnap to test whether her boyfriend could pay a ransom as a sign of his love to her.

“We have arrested her for giving false information to a public officer,We don’t want people to waste police time and resources on fake cases,” he said.

Kidnaps have been on the rise in the last four months in which seven people have lost their lives and among the 40 cases registered on this, 20 are said to be fake kidnaps.