Kadaga advises Janet M7 on road safety.

Rebecca Kadaga The speaker of parliament has advised the ministry of Education and Sports to include road safety in the national education curriculum so as to raise awareness on the dangers of road accidents among school children.

Launching a legislative action plan on road safety on Friday aimed at curbing road carnage in the country, Kadaga wondered whether teachers still had time to teach children how to cross roads saying a curriculum would reduce on the number of students killed and injured in road accidents.  .

She said  In my primary school Shimoni demonstration which is now a construction site, we were taught how to cross a road. Many children walk in this town, there is a lot of walking even in villages on high ways and children are competing with buses, taxis and boda-bodas,” Kadaga said.

“I don’t know whether now days the teachers have the time to teach children how to cross the road. We need to address that issue within homes and schools,” Kadaga added.

Kadaga also directed that the parliamentary committee on education discuss with relevant ministry of Education authorities how the curriculum could capture and emphasize awareness on traffic laws and regulations to curb deaths due to road accidents.

“We need to see how we can build it in our children so that they can grow up knowing just the basics,” Kadaga said adding that the road safety situation in the country continues to be a challenge with a number of factors accounting for high road carnage on major highways.

“The legislative strategy we have launched is symbolic to the processes that will be on going to champion all road traffic motorized issues across the country but most importantly first tracking the current road safety and traffic amendment Act, 1998 which is still about to get to cabinet. We are going to put pressure on the executive to ensure that this amendment is first tracked,” Ruhunda who also attended the function said.