Zari speaks out on why left Diamond¸ I was scared of him sleeping with my daughter.

Ugandan socialite and business Lady Zari Hassan has finally revealed why she decided to end her longtime relationship with Tanzanian Bongo singer Diamond Platinumz and it all rotates around his children.

While making an appearance on Kenya’s Classic FM, the mother of five told listeners how she couldn’t put up with Diamond’s disrespect any more she couldn’t stand Diamond making her always look like a fool even in front of her kids.

’’I reached a point where I couldn’t put up with his disrespect’’ Zari said before adding that. ’It’s not so bad when a man cheats but when he puts disrespect on top of that, then it becomes something else’’ I even reached an extent of thinking he would sleep with my daughter and this was because of his womanizing manners.  Zari Concluded.