Congratulations: Juliana Pregnant again

God has answered Singer Juliana Kanyomozi’s prayers of regaining hope to becoming a mother again when she appeared pregnant

During weekend, the ‘Kalibattanya’ hit maker Juliana Kanyomozi was seen on an occasion singing wearing a very big dress contrary to her dressing style of fittings.

video, watch Juliana prignant

Juliana’s pregnancy puts a smile on her fans and relatives though most fans ask who should be this brave and lovely man who did this great work.

Unlike any other happy women on earth, Juliana Kanyomozi passed into God’s trial when she lost her only child she had at 11 years of age who passed away on 20th July 2014

… “….my only child has gone. I do not know why God takes the good. It is like a dream. I keep on thinking I will come out of the dream’’ these were Juliana’s words when she had lost her son Keren Kabugo

May the public expectations all be true and the Almighty give you beautiful baby or twins Amen.

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