Walukagga hits back to gov’t, I want my baby in 24 hours only.

Singer Mathias Walukagga has given government only 24 hours to bring back his baby.

Mathias passed this warning on the media after government ministry for youths and children Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi intervened Walukagga’s child neglect and further got Aisha with the baby and took them to Nagulu for more safety as they wait for Walukagga to accept and go for DNA test.

After knowing that the government has intervined his matters of impregnating his house girl and deny the born baby boy ,

Walukagga came out and talked much about this trying to convice the public that minister Nakiwala Kiyingi perharps had a crash on him because he is not supporting the government and this is the reason she was fighting much to punish Walukagga on this but later Walukagga accepted to name the son and look after him as he care for other children he does not own biologically otherwise he said this as pretense to hide his acts from the public be it he is a celebrity.

By the press time, this website has learnt that Walukagga warned government about keeping his baby saying he has given the ministry only 24 hours to return his baby though he denied the baby before.