Tanga Odoi Sacked, Amama Mbabazi cerebrates

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) electoral commission chairman Tanga Odoi has been sacked from office.

According to the reliable sources from NRM the sacking of Tanga Odoi is intended to impress Amama Mbabazi as one way to attract him to come back to NRM, and this website has learnt that Amama Mbabazi listed out conditions on which he could go back in NRM party like appointing his own people to lead in offices of the party electoral commission and selecting NRM members with in the city   that will stand on member of parliament posts with in the city in the coming elections.

So the party is willing to appoint one of Amama Mbabazi’s men to replace Dr.Tanga odoi.

It should be remembered that in February district leaders collected signatures to write a petition to the national party chairman to kick the party’s electoral commission boss,  Tanga Odoi out of office over what they call “indiscipline and bad conduct.”

This was after he was accused of  “insulting” the NRM Secretary General, Justine Kasule Lumumba early last week when he described her on national television stations as “good mobilizer and dancer but a bad administrator.”

This all started when Lumumba announced that the party was sacking over 300 workers including district administrative secretaries and officials from the electoral commission.

Dr Odoi was not impressed by the decision hence insisting that his EC officials will not leave their offices at plot 10 Kyadondo road and at the district level.